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Welcome to the guild site of <Consilio et Armis> of Ravencrest-US. We are a PvE progression minded guild who are always looking for more skilled players. Over the 2 years the guild has existed, we have stormed through the content of BC and Wotlk. Our mindset is to get stuff done, but have fun while doing it. We don't raid as much as other hardcore guilds, but when we do, we show up to win. If you're interested in joining, click the >>Join CeA<< at the top of the page. Epic Lewts and Legendary Friendship await!

Current 25man raid progression: Naxx:Cleared, 25 Sarth: Cleared +3d, Maly:Cleared, Ulduar: 13/14, ToC: 5/5, ICC: 4/4

Current raid times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 8-12 server.

Officers to Contact: Triank, Picaro, Gigaflare

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Picaro is Lazy

Bengel, Apr 14, 09 5:49 PM.
Well lets see.  1) Picaro is lazy.  2) 3D has been on farm for a while. 3) Immortal + Safety Dance in before 3.1 go us!

So yea, I haven't updated the site in a while.  Lack of content maybe? That or I'm just really lazy.  With Gorf gone to keep our site looking so fresh and clean clean, my laziness took over.  Anyway, Sarth 3D down and as always Basticus took our first mount.  We did our first attempt at Immortal two weeks ago or so...We also got our first safety dance that night...yea we know.  Immortal was crazy fun for being in Naxx for so long.

Well 3.1 is out today and I'm bored!  We move from T7 to T8 and looking to content for Server Firsts as always.   Anyway screw my text...Here's the money shots:


The start of something better.

Bengel, Dec 15, 08 3:32 PM.
Yea I know I've been slacking on updating the site.  My excuse besides being lazy is that we've been downing too many bosses.

First week of raiding we had Sarth, Spider wing, Plague wing, Instructor Raz, Patchwerk, and Grobby down in 1 week.  Second week we added Gothik, 4 horsemen, Gluth, and Thaddius (which we are lacking a screen shot for).

CeA's been having fun getting back into the raiding sceen again.  Will be fun to see what raids come in the next content patch.  Here are the pictures.

Note: Yea yea I'm missing Noth's dead corpse we actually didn't kill him we hacked our way passed him.

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